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Raw Material requirement

Each customer will give Kaiser their specification on wood species, veneer and other purchased materials.

Kaiser seeks out qualified suppliers for all purchased products with Quality and price as their driving force. Kaiser complies with all US regulations when purchasing any materials. Some examples of solid wood used at Kaiser that are imported from North America are Poplar, White Oak, Red Oak, Ash, Soft Maple.   Kedondong and rubber Wood are purchased in Asia. From Europe we purchase Birch and spruce. From Chile we get some pine. Other raw materials purchased is medium density fiber board (MDF), particle board (PB) and Plywood (PW). Kaiser purchased veneer from around the world. Some examples are Cherry, White Oak, Birch, ash burl, Hickory, Pine, Black Walnut, Red Oak, Mahogany and Prima Vera. There are other special materials purchased such as curved glass, seeded glass and regular glass. For metal parts Kaiser has our own metal department and also purchase specialty metal parts from other suppliers.

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