Kaiser in progress

Kaiser 1 Furniture Industry (Vietnam) CO.,LTD values Employee Development and providing training and places each employee in positions of their strength to ensure the future of the company as well as the future of the employee. To enhance the overall quality of employees Kaiser invites the Vietnam Labor Department to have seminars on labor law and regulations every year. Kaiser also offers mechanical training taught by experts, invites university of Taiwan Literature department for Language training. All of these measures are taken to improve the comprehensive quality of the employees and offer all employees opportunity for growth.

To strengthen the company’s logistics force Kaiser requires outside training. Every year employees are subsidized to attend forklift driver training, boiler work training, etc., after having been trained and passed the evaluation test from Vietnam’s department of Labor, employees will be put in a position of their expertise. In some cased where Hi Tech machinery is purchased Kaiser will send employees to the factory making the machinery for proper training in the operation of machines. An example is CNC optimizing saw and CNC routers. Often this requires employee to go to another country such as Italy.

In recent years due to all the training Kaiser has transitioned their Culture to become a leader in furniture Manufacturing in Vietnam. The company now has a large number of Vietnamese employees who play a major role in the success of Kaiser. There are now over 160 Vietnamese employees in supervisory positions and a good number in middle management positions. In the near future Kaiser 1 Furniture Industry (Vietnam) CO.,LTD will become a shining pearl in the Furniture Industry.

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