Management advantage

People first is our management of the starting point and the foothold.In Kaiser, all managers and technicians have abundant professional knowledge and experience, the company pay great attention to the humanized management, although we are from different region ,experience and ideas are not the same, but they are all contributing their professional skills to develope the company for the Kaiser family . Everybody are all seeking the common ground while putting aside differences, consensus, brainstorm, respect for the views of the majority, it help to reached the harmonious management purpose.we set suggestion box management institution for the staff to carry out their own opinions of system management, food, salary, welfare and so on aspect ,And we also make strict confidentiality system, make those who reflect the opinions or suggestions people can keep their enthusiasm . Also, that the suggestion will reach to the top leadership and be solved in 24 hours.Weekly management communication and coordinate meeting can help to solve all of the crisis before it can have any effect .It makes the administration to be more harmonious.

Rigorous, pragmatism is our management tenet, harmony is our management method, both in Kaiser family have been practiced into management standard .From company's long-term planning to the dining materials procurement, every thing will have a related meeting according to precise attitude to the discussion, brainstorm, finally reach a common opinion,then according to the content to get all things ready to be implemented in an orderly way.All of the management can take advantage of their ability with local diligent employee's help to take the most use of the capacity of the production to incisively and vividly.

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