Enterprise Events

1.In March 2004, Kaiser first phase of the project started.

2. In March 2005, Site recruitment was held at the Northeast Forestry University.

University Vice-Chancellor Miss Chen Wenbin visited Kaiser.

3. In April 2005, Kaiser second phase of the project started.

4. In October 2006, Kaiser third phase of the project started.

5. In December 2006, Vice President of Vietnam visited Kaiser.

6. In July 2007, contracted with the Taiwan Wenzao foreign language college for mandarin training, opened the first Chinese language training courses.

7. In August 2007, organized the first Kaiser sports in order to stimulate the competitive spirit.

8. In March 2008, Taiwan Securities Exchange visited Kaiser.

9. In May 2008, donations for the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake-stricken people.

10. In December 2008, the central television of Vietnam interviewed Kaiser.

11. In July 2009, President Lo put forward "ten major work principles", so as to promote the management efficiency.

Kaiser set a precedent to buy a foam fire truck in order to improve speed of fire relief.

12. In December 2009, installed the Sino-Vietnamese electronic billboards to show production performance in whole plant.

13. In April 2010, Launched in Yushu in Qinghai Province donations, Fundraising sent to the Red Cross Society of China to use.

14. In June 2010, held a celebration party of production exceeded to thank staff of 2,000 people and encouraged the staff to achieve new goals.

15. In July 2011, Bureau of Labor in Kien Giang province visited Kaiser.

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